MIDAS Metall® Aura

We would like to tell you how the product development of our new product MIDAS Metall® Aura began and what product processing looks like.

The innovation in surface care

Since the founding of MIDAS Metall® in Germany, an innovative product known for its high-quality liquid metal finishes, the company has faced a challenging task: the search for a surface finish that prevents fingerprints and oxidation marks and makes them easy to remove. The surfaces of MIDAS Metall® have always offered an impressive shine and an elegant feel, but the company has always endeavored to find a surface protection and long-term care for the metal skin

The sealants that were previously in the product range inevitably change the natural metal tone moderately to strongly (depending on the choice of metal alloy) and can impair the look and feel. There was a great desire for a product that would make surface care easier and leave the metal tone virtually untouched. Once the surfaces were finished, the end customers wanted to be able to maintain them themselves without damaging them by cleaning them incorrectly. MIDAS Metall® has always wanted to fulfill this customer wish, whether for craftsmen or end customers, but until now no such product existe

MIDAS Metall® Aura protection spray

Thoroughly Tested

The development of MIDAS Metall® Aura began with an intensive test phase led by Wolfgang Napp, founder of MIDAS Metall® and Mike Pivernetz, application expert at MIDAS Surfaces GmbH. Mike tested numerous formulations and carried out long-term tests. Different types of dirt and influencing factors, such as grease, water or substances containing vinegar, were applied to various test panels to check the effectiveness of the new solution.

„In all this time, I have carried out many tests and I have not seen any result comparable to MIDAS Metall® Aura. The repellent protective properties are tremendous and, in my eyes, truly exceptional. I have put the product and material through a lot. In addition to cleaning agents and harsh substances that quickly attack the surface, I also tested other types of soiling and external influences. Aura“ proved to be by far the best possible protection for MIDAS Metall® surfaces,“ says Mike enthusiastically.

The tests showed that MIDAS Metall® Aura offers excellent dirt repellency and preserves the natural look and feel of the metal in the best possible way. After a long period of testing, it was clear that it was perfect in its composition and met all requirements.

The optimized packaging of MIDAS Metal® Aura

However, a key aspect of the product launch was optimizing the packaging. Silvana Conradi, Managing Director of MIDAS Surfaces GmbH, spent several months searching for the perfect spray bottle that would allow the product to be optimally applied to the surface. In the end, two high-quality glass bottles with an optimized spray function in 50 ml and 100 ml fillings were chosen.

As the product is very economical to use, even small quantities can have a big effect. The spray head of the bottle has been designed to be stable and easy to use. The spray radius should not be too wide, but also not too centered and circular, so that a fine mist can be produced that applies the product evenly to the MIDAS Metall® surface and covers the coated object like an aura. This careful selection and optimization of the packaging ensured that all users can use the product effortlessly and efficiently, whether they are professionals and artisans or owners of the liquid metal finishing themselves.

The price always includes a high-quality microfiber cloth, which is essential for wiping the product. This cloth ensures that the applied film is evenly distributed and that the protective layer can work optimally on the surface.

What is MIDAS Metall® Aura?

MIDAS Metall® Aura is an innovative maintenance protection that has been specially developed for the high demands of surfaces with liquid metal finishes. This product sets new standards in the care and preservation of MIDAS Metall® projects and offers a solution to a previously unsolved problem: the permanent protection of finished surfaces without impairing their natural aesthetics. The protection is invisible and surrounds the liquid metal finish like an aura. You can feel it and smell the fine odor – like the aura of a loving person or the aura of a beloved animal. This is how the mysterious name MIDAS Metall® Aura came about.

Advantages and Application:

MIDAS Metal® Aura offers outstanding, long-lasting protection against fingerprints, oxidation marks and fine dirt. After spraying, it forms a soft, protective layer on the metal surface that repels water and prevents dirt from penetrating.

The application of MIDAS Metal® Aura is extremely simple. The product is sprayed onto the cleaned metal surface and then wiped in evenly with the microfiber cloth supplied. No further polishing by specialists is required.

MIDAS Metal® Aura is designed to be easily used by both professional users and end customers. Its intuitive handling makes it a game changer in the maintenance and quality assurance of real metal-coated projects.

Thanks to its high-yield formula, MIDAS Metall® Aura is extremely economical to use. A small amount is enough to protect large surfaces. The bottles are available in two sizes (50ml and 100ml) to meet different needs.

Unlike many other sealants, MIDAS Metal® Aura does not change the metal tone and preserves the natural feel of the surface. This is particularly important in order to maintain the aesthetic and tactile value of metal surfaces.

MIDAS Metall® Aura is a new product that not only fulfills a long-held customer wish, but also sets new standards in the care of surfaces with a liquid metal finish. It makes the care of real metal surfaces easier and more effective than ever before. This makes MIDAS Metall® Aura the ideal choice for anyone who values the quality and durability of their metal projects.

MIDAS Metall® Surfaces
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